Legacie Apartments

Project Overview

As an innovative, high-quality housing developer, Legacie is always striving to anticipate and accommodate homeowners’ needs, now and in the future. They understand that their customers want their homes to be eco-friendly, comfortable and fitted out with modern features.

That’s why they have partnered with KERS – to provide their homeowners with a low-carbon, highly efficient hot water system. The KERS Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) indoor heat pump converts waste heat energy from the bathrooms and kitchens within a property into low-cost renewable hot water. As Legacie has already found, it’s the ideal fit for modern buildings, with a number of advantages over other low-carbon hot water systems. That’s why they have chosen to install the KERS hot water system in a range of properties within their portfolio.

The Brief
When Legacie was exploring ecofriendly hot water systems, they found that an indoor heat pump with MEV, KERS has a number of advantages over traditional outdoor heat pumps. Legacie is enthusiastic about providing high-quality features throughout their properties, to ensure that homeowners are happy and comfortable in their homes.
The Solution

The KERS hot water system helps Legacie to provide their customers with many benefits, including:

  1. Hot water on demand, as we use an external large-surface condenser that can heat water incredibly quickly, so it’s instantly available when needed.
  2. Incredible efficiency, as the KERS system uses 70% less energy to heat water than a standard hot water system. The KERS heaterless design also removes the need for an electric immersion heater, which saves energy. This helps homeowners to keep their electricity bills down, with average savings of up to £450 in comparison with standard water heaters.
  3. Super savings, as the KERS system uses less electricity to achieve high temperatures. Homeowners can also rest assured that they are creating minimal carbon emissions and have a truly sustainable hot water system in place.
  4. Guaranteed peace of mind, with a five year warranty and a yearly check up.
  5. An incredibly quiet system, so homeowners can maintain a peaceful environment.
  6. User-friendly controls, with handy holiday and weekly timer functions.
  7. Removes condensation and humidity
  8. A+ storage cylinder maximises heat retention ensuring the hot water maintains its temperature longer.
The Results

The Quarter is the first ELEMENT development to be released, and Legacie was keen to ensure it was a success. Located in Liverpool, this collection of luxury apartments comes with outstanding facilities, such as a roof terrace, cinema and gym.

So when they were looking to install hot water systems within the 332 apartments in the complex, Legacie was searching for a low-carbon, sustainable solution that would provide their homeowners with maximum comfort.

They found that the KERS hot water system was the ideal fit, as it uses 70% less energy than standard hot water systems (which results in significant cost and carbon savings), and it can provide hot water on ndemand.

Legacie was also pleased to find that installing the KERS hot water system simply requires a standard 230v/50Hz electricity connection, and the cylinder tank measures just 660mm in diameter, which means it can be installed within a kitchen fridgefreezer cabinet. With clear benefits for both Legacie and its customers, they decided to install the KERS system within all of the 350 apartments in The Quarter.

KERS Innovations technologies reduce your bills and divert wasted energy back into your business. Good for the environment, good for your bottom line.