At KERS, we've been at the heart of energy recovery technology since 2012. Manufacturing innovative energy saving, low carbon hot water and heating products for different industries


Save money with an Indoor Heat Pump. Converting waste heat energy from bathrooms and kitchens to low cost, renewable hot water.


Our products are designed for specifiers, consultants housebuilders, housing providers and architects to transition housing stock from fossil fuel heating to low carbon alternatives.

Housing Providers

Reducing hot water and heating costs by upto 66% the KERS indoor heat pump technology can be installed easily into older housing stock for councils or private owners.

New Builds

Developers can now accurately calculate the energy performance improvements gained by installing a KERS Indoor Heat Pump into both new and existing dwellings.

Reduce energy costs by over 70% + generate hot water @65c.

KERS vision to make hot water cheaper and available for new and existing housing stock - helping towards Government targets for the decarbonisation of water heating.

Save Money with the KERS Air Source Heat Pump.

Lower your fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating. Saving you on fuel costs and reducing harmful CO2 emissions

Get paid for the renewable heat you produce through
the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


98% free recycled energy 98% zero carbon energy

At KERS Innovations, we’ve been at the heart of Energy Recovery Technology since 2012.



For every £1 of electricity consumed, £3 of energy is provided

What is an Air Source Heat Pump and how does it work?

An air source heat pump absorbs heat energy from the environment, even when temperatures are well below freezing. It extracts this thermal energy and transfers it to the inside of your home, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Much like a refrigerator working in reverse, the energy in the outside air is removed and absorbed by the refrigeration circuit, compressed to form a superheated gas and then transferred via a heat exchanger into renewable hot water . This hot water is then stored in a thermal cylinder and used for DHW or heating. High COP values of 1 to 3 - its extremely efficient and for every 1 kw it can generate over 3 kw of electricity, achieving super energy savings. The resultant waste by-product of this heat transfer process “cold air” is then extracted to atmosphere. once complete the cycle repeats itself

Legacie Apartments


When Legacie was exploring ecofriendly hot water systems, they found that an indoor heat pump with MEV, KERS has a number of advantages over traditional outdoor heat pumps. Legacie is enthusiastic about providing high-quality features throughout their properties, to ensure that homeowners are happy and comfortable in their homes.

Trinity Chapel Apartments


The client wanted the new development to incorporate the latest developments in both technology and sustainability. To achieve this, our KERS Indoor Heat Pump MEV were incorporated into each apartment, taking stale warm air from each kitchen & bathroom and processing it through our Heat Pump.

Stephen Joseph Theatre


Plans for 28 residential apartments and a further 22 flats in a new three-storey block on the site of a former ceramics workshop near the school, along with 50 parking spaces, were unanimously approved by Scarborough Council in May 2021.

Energy House 2.0


The KersMEV renewable hot water system was selected as one of the low carbon hot water technologies to test following a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitching event with businesses with the capabilities and ambitions to contribute towards a greener, cleaner, and lower carbon future for homes.

The Botanist


Tonnes of CO² saved: 12.6

131,400Kw PA

The Alchemist


Tonnes of CO² saved: 12.6

131,000Kw PA

Giggling Squid


Tonnes of CO² Saved: 7

73,000Kw PA



Tonnes of CO² Saved: 14

146,000Kw PA

Trading House


“Investing in a KERS Unit was the next logical step for us to reduce our carbon emissions and utility bills. The effect is remarkable and evident immediately after installation” John Branagan – Executive Chef Director

Barretts Event Caterers


“The Kers system hot water is amazing! Previously we were running out of hot water, and the bills were just getting higher and higher. Now, we never run out of hot water and my energy bills will never go up as I am using my kitchen equipment to power my hot water.”
Mathew Barrett – Barretts Event Caterers Owner

Bombay Central


“It’s great that we have our hot water being generated by the waste heat from the kitchen and the plus is, it’s saving us money on our utility bills too.”
Rishi Lakhani – CEO of Bombay Central


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