Housing Providers

KERS are playing a key role in helping housing providers to transition to low and zero carbon heating, giving tenants a better, faster and cheaper solution for their hot water

Future proofing cost effectiveness with low carbon heat technology. Decarbonising housing stock

Reducing Tenants Bills

Reducing hot water and heating costs by upto 66% the KERS indoor heat pump technology can be installed easily into older housing stock for councils or private owners.

Improving the energy performance rating score of current and new housing stock

SAP Complience

Cost effective route to achieve regulatory compliance

KERS Integration

Accommodation to retrofit and future house designs

Increase Home Value

New home buyers looking to reduce energy costs

Helping you to decarbonise housing stock

Private and social housing providers are faced with challenge to reduce emissions on their housing stock. As Government policy sets out targets for the wholesale decarbonisation of new and existing homes KERS can support this transition to compliance standards.


The eco-friendly KERS Weatherby Indoor Heat Pump is a combined heat recovery, hot water system with storage cylinder. Using energy in the outdoor air to provide low cost, low carbon renewable hot water.


Indoor Heat Pump – Hot Water – Heat Recovery Mechanical Extract Ventilation. Converting waste heat energy from bathrooms and kitchens to low cost, renewable hot water.


The Eco friendly KERS RM is a highly efficient indoor heat pump that operates as a stand alone heat pump header that can be sited remotely.


Overheating in residential buildings continues to be a major concern for the building industry. There are many contributing factors to overheating. Architectural design demands have resulted in buildings being built too tight through over-insulation and triple glazing.

KERS Innovations technologies reduce your bills and divert wasted energy back into your business. Good for the environment, good for your bottom line.