Barretts Event Caterers

Project Overview
Business growth and an already maxed out power source were the two main issues that led Barretts Event Caterers to seek out expert assistance from Kers. We were asked to step in to develop and implement greener solutions for energy consumption to support the growing needs of this popular event caterer.
With a new purpose built 5,000 m2 food production kitchen with central cookline, chilled storage and high volume ware washing facilities, the Barretts team had the equipment and facilities needed to serve an ever growing order book but needed to reduce energy consumption, electrical and gas loadings. Mathew Barrett challenged us to prepare a design to reduce energy in the high volume kitchen, keeping in mind that the existing power supply was operating at maximum capacity and an upgrade to that supply would prove extremely costly.
The Brief
When approached to produce a design to Barretts reduce utility bills while allowing them to keep up with demand without disruptive gas or electrical power outages, the Kers team jumped at the chance to get involved. Using our in-depth knowledge of food production kitchens and heat recovery systems, we were able to create a tailored plan to help Barretts fuel their growing business while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.
The Solution
Using a combination of Kers HT and Kers Air systems working in parallel, Kers was able to divert waste energy back into the kitchen using a Kers HT commercial kitchen heat recovery system. Capturing the high-temperature waste heat from the central cookline from boiling pans and convection ovens, the newly installed systems converted this heat into free hot water for the entire premises.
The Results

No further electrical or gas upgrade was required which meant significant capital cost savings for Barretts. The Kers system is now producing all the hot water for this extremely busy food production kitchen as well as providing heat to the office radiators.

The 98% carbon neutral energy 98% and 98% low carbon energy is a win-win.

Barretts Event Caterers owner Mathew Barrett said, “The Kers system hot water is amazing! Previously we were running out of hot water, and the bills were just getting higher and higher. Now, we never run out of hot water and my energy bills will never go up as I am using my kitchen equipment to power my hot water.”

KERS Innovations technologies reduce your bills and divert wasted energy back into your business. Good for the environment, good for your bottom line.